Hyped And Horny

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Olivia Fox was on the phone yelling at the incompetence of the people working under her, and she sounded really pissed. As soon as she hung up, her assistant Ramon came in looking like a real slob. His shirt was untucked and his tie a mess. She started scolding him and fixing his appearance by adjusting his tie, when she noticed how handsome he really was. She started feeling him up and made him a bit uncomfortable, but this big tits boss did not care. She pushed him right down on the couch and whipped out her massive tits onto his face for him to worship. She then got right down on her knees and took out his hard cock for a sloppy blowjob. Don’t miss one second of this smoking hot blond bombshell showing her secretary who the real boss is as she rides and fucks him every way she pleases.

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The Deal Breaker

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Busty Olivia Fox is not just the hottest chick in the office, but she has a reputation for being known as the deal breaker. She’s willing to help her company secure the best talents available to them by any means necessary, including using her big tits to her advantage! After all, this sexy nympho is more than happy to mix her company’s business with her personal pleasure!

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The Big O

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We found ourselves a seriously hot piece of ass out in front of Bruce’s building. Olivia Fox was coming to audition for some kind of video at a nearby office, but we told her it was up in our place. She had an attitude at first, but once she found out we were the supposed video guys, she was all about us. We made it back to the studio and had her show off the goods. This hot MILF had a whole lot of ass and knew just how to shake it. She was not shy and just started ripping the clothes off, she really wanted the gig. We asked if she had any special skills that would help insure the job, which of course led to her getting a hold of Bruce’s cock and showing off some dick sucking moves. Olivia had some giant tits to go with her curvy butt. Do not miss one moment of this hot momma getting railed hard and loving it!

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